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Flora Barros is a Brazilian contemporary dancer and choreographer, graduated from the conservatory Trinity Laban (UK). She works as an independent artist and has presented her work in Brazil, UK, Italy, Denmark and India.

Helena Wolfenson is a photographer and documentary filmmaker from São Paulo (Brazil). Her work has appeared in the international media and have been featured in exhibitions in New York City, Berlin, Brasilia and São Paulo. She studied photojournalism and documentary at ICP in NYC.

Veronica Deviá is a journalist, researcher and activist from São Paulo (Brazil). Her works “The Female Workforce Participation in Developing Economies: a Comparative Analysis in Brazil and India” and “Closing the Gender Gap in BRICS” were presented in Brazil, Poland, UK and USA.


Soundtrack composed by Leonie Roessler. Poems by Júlia de Souza. Costume by Mariana Rossi. Interview translators: Kalpit Gonkaar, Lina Vincent Sunish and Soumi Roychowdhury. 

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